Change the Record

everyone has a heartbeat
some beat faster than others
some have a bump,jog,
or asynchronous event.
we all pump
to some kind
of rhythmn and beat
what would you say
if asked to pick a song
as your life's soundtrack?
i met a man who said years ago
it would have been"make the world go away"
now its "i can't get no satisfaction"
maybe it's not a fair question,
after all, one might need fifty
song titles just to cover
one day let alone representa whole lifetime.
as our fingers have unique prints
so too we each carrya secret report card
tucked just under the harmony
might be counter-melody defeating
all good intentions,
bending our aim just enough
to miss the mark.
take two seconds
come up with one song title
for your life's soundtrack.
if the song fits sing it,
if it doesn't, change the record.


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