Circus of Delights

my jeep's in the shop again
I’m anticipating a bill
larger than i can afford
I sprained my ankle at the gym
rain and heat have spawned
clouds of bugs circling my body
as I move forward
mowing the wet lawn
dogs are barking
at unseen visitors
once again
the tornado of discomfort
whirls clean through my head
I wish to run away from my body
fly from this physical space
land once again at
the circus of delights
oh – I’m forgetting
that bigtop has left town
pulled-up stakes
a long long time ago
it’s sideshows arrested
knock-em-down dolls
scattered in the dust
animals released into the wild
midway rides rusting hulks
tumbleweed bouncing through town
I wake now,
realizing the lawn is finished
the sun at its peak
it’s heat brings unseen energy
and peril-
too much of will cook me medium-rare.


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